felujitasIn most cases a complete restoration of a valuable piano will cost much less than the price of a new one! A complete restoration includes rebuilding and refinishing (both might be ordered separately too).


The full process of a piano restoration takes about two weeks for a technician and includes the following main steps:

  • Pin block replacement
  • Refinishing the plate
  • Repairs done to the bridges and sound board
  • Refinishing the sound board
  • Restringing with new strings (hand-wound bass strings, only the finest quality german iron strings)
  • Reconditioning the piano action (new set of hammers, etc...)


In order to bring the piano to it's original look we usually do the following:

  • Strip the old finish down
  • Sand entire piano and parts
  • Correct any harm done to the wood during the years
  • Apply color
  • Apply lacquer or polyester finish
  • Install new hardware (pedals, hinges, knobs, etc...)

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